Web Hosting

Fast. Secure. Reliable.

I know my strengths. Managing a complex server cluster is not one of them. That's why I have chosen Media Temple to be my hosting provider for my clients. Their Grid System architecture with CloudFlare's Railgun technology serves web pages up to 6X faster than average hosting providers. It comes with enough hard drive space, email accounts and traffic allotments for even the most demanding of needs.

The Grid hosting platform includes two features that help reduce page load times to the absolute minimum: PageSpeed & FastCGI. PageSpeed is an Apache module that rewrites inefficiencies in website code on the fly, using filters to optimize JavaScript, HTML, CSS stylesheets, and JPEG/PNG images. FastCGI lowers the overhead associated with interfacing the web server and CGI programs, allowing a server to handle more web page requests at once.

Built For Speed

Most hosting platforms pack thousands of websites, email and databases onto a single machine. The issue with that kind of setup is that you have thousands of websites all competing for resources like CPU and memory. The Grid System has many high quality server hardware networked together to work as one cohesive unit. It has been designed to run 24/7 even when doing system upgrades.

CloudFlare With Railgun

CloudFlare is a content delivery network that serves your web pages directly from a cache at the data center that is physically closest to your visitors. It stores the static content like JavaScript, HTML code, and CSS from its cache and requests the dynamic portions of the website from the original server.

Railgun accelerates the connection between each CloudFlare data center and an origin server so that requests that cannot be served from the CloudFlare cache are served very fast. Railgun achieves a 99.6% compression for dynamic content by using techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video.

Safe From Online Threats

Online threats range from nuisances like comment spam and excessive bot crawling to malicious attacks like SQL injection and denial of service (DOS) attacks. CloudFlare provides security protection against all of these types of threats and more to keep your website safe.

CloudFlare’s technology automatically detects new attacks against any website on its network. Once it identifies that there is a new attack, it starts to block the attack for both the particular website and the entire network.

Burstable Resources

No one should be punished for having a popular website. Since the Grid System is a clustered environment resources can be allocated automatically to your website should your content suddenly become viral.


One of the reasons I chose Media Temple was their excellent support. Should any problems ever arise with your website, their trained IT professionals are available 24/7 by email,chat and phone. I've not had any issue that wasn't resolved in 5 minutes or less.