Pixel Garden Studio LLC



If your website is currently having some difficulty meeting expectations, you're realigning your offerings or you're looking to develop a new site, we can assist in helping you make the right decisions to make your website profitable, attract the right visitors and convert them to customers.

Custom Web Design and Development

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and others are all really great products. You can most likely find some templates and plug-ins to get it to work for what you want your site to achieve. However we feel that in most instances they are big, bulky and overflowing with features you may never use. Sometimes even difficult to navigate.

Our approach to web design and development is to create a unique visitor experience tailored to your individual marketing goals. One that is organized correctly, easy to follow, and pleasing to the eye.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a term used to mean that a website will scale to meet the needs of mobile visitors. Whether that's stacking content to fit on a phone or removing extraneous content to reduce page size and increase loading speed when using cellular signals. With mobile browsing set to overtake desktop browsing in the near future this is something you should keep in mind when developing a new site or overhauling an existing one.

Pixel Garden Studio is one of a few area developers that creates custom responsive designs for each website based on your marketing goals.

Content Management

Having a website that allows you to add your own content can help you stay ahead of your competition and save you money over the life of your website. We've created a content management system (cms) named Pixel Works that is easy to use for even people with little technical knowledge.

The system has been in active development since 2003 to meet the growing needs of businesses and advances in the web.

Website Maintenance

Having a maintenance schedule ensures that your website will stay relevant for years to come and keep serving your marketing goals.
Our maintenance package covers not only website updates but also changing your underlying code and tracking your marketing goals to keep pace with the rapid changes of the web and your competition.

Email Marketing

Sending periodic emails to your customers and potential new ones is more cost effective than traditional offline marketing. It also has the benefit of detailed reporting so you know if your efforts are being received with shrugs or enthusiasm. Whether you're starting from scratch or already have a large mailing list sending beautiful mobile friendly HTML emails is painless and less expensive than traditional marketing.