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Responsive Web Design

Your Website. Anywhere.

Now more than ever before it is imperative that your website be available on multiple devices. Today's market is filled with smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices capable of interacting with the internet.

Pixel Garden Studio is one of only a few web developers in the Wisconsin area to develop custom responsive web design tailored to each website. I do this because your goals are not the same as everyone else and slapping a plugin into Wordpress or Joomla, in my opinion, doesn't really give you the advantage your custom website deserves.

For the past several years I've been developing Pixel Works a content management system that utilizes a grid system specifically designed for serving websites on mobile devices. Even if you don't need to update your own content I have created a skeleton for static sites as well so either way I've got you covered.

Your website today must take into account a wide array of devices that users will be viewing with. From smart phones all the way up to large screen televisions. Responsive Web Design is a method that detects screen size and serves up an appropriate layout with appropriately sized media to ensure the best possible impression

A responsive website automatically rearranges and resizes itself to fit screens of all sizes. It’s one website for all screens. With more people searching on their phones and tablets, having a responsive website is more important than ever. Every site we build is responsive so they look good no matter how they’re viewed.