Pixel Garden Studio LLC

Our Web Design and Marketing Process

We consider where your website is today and what you hope to achieve in the future. We then audit your current website, research your industry and your competitors, and give you recommendations to reach those goals. Below is an example of the process in action.

Step 1 – Your Free Consultation

We make arrangements for a face to face meeting, whether in person or video chat and discuss your business, your current marketing strategy, your competition and your goals for your website.

Next we'll will give your current website a full technical audit where we look at not only at the underlying code that makes up your web pages but we'll look at other things like loading speed and keywords in your page copy. We'll also take a peek into some of your competition.

Once completed we will give you a project proposal, written estimate and a development agreement to move forward.

Step 2 – Website Design

This is where we will begin to develop visual concepts for your website with notes from our meeting. These will be rough drafts of the style and how your site will look and operate when completed consisting of images and PDF documents. WE will request your input through the complete design process to ensure to meet your expectations.

Step 3 - Content Assembly

While we are constructing your new website, we will ask you to provide us with copy (the non-technical term is text) along with any other media we discussed in our initial meeting or ideas that come up during development. This can include images, audio, video, graphics or any other items to be placed on the website.

If for some reason you cannot provide some or all of the information or media to be included on your website we can assist you in creating that content for you.

Step 4 - Website Development

Once we have received final approval of the design for your website, we will begin building the website and adding your content.

During this development phase, we will set up a preview location on the Internet to interact with your website so you will have the opportunity to give us feedback every step of the way.

Step 5 - Pre-launch Evaluation

After the website development is completed, you will have the opportunity to interact with the entire site to make sure that we have met all your website goals.

Step 6 - Website Launch

After you have given your final approval we will publish your website to your domain where it will be live and available for all visitors to use.

Step 7 – Marketing

We'll go over, what we feel, is the best way to market your particular website. Some examples are social media, article writing (blogs), click advertising and email newsletters.

If you feel that you want to market your website yourself, great! We'll help you get started. If you don't have the time we can put together and execute a marketing strategy for you

Step 8 – Maintenance and Optimization

Using the information from our initial research we periodically check how you are doing against your competition, where you land in search results, and other factors to maintain your website both at the code level and go over changes to your content to achieve peak performance to continue reaching your goals.