Custom Web Design and Development

Handcrafted websites that perfectly reflect your brand

All you need is a quick Google search to find websites that allow you to get your small business website up and running in an hour. But what does that really say about your business?

When you log into a website, pick your template and add some text and clip-art images it shows your potential customers that your online presence is not that important to you. It is a box to be checked on your marketing list and nothing more.

It is my belief if you want a successful website, it should reflect the branding and goals of your business. It should be custom tailored for that purpose.

A custom website design shows the world that you took the time to market your website according to your business goals. It also gives the impression to your potential customers, that you will give them the same care and attention you gave your website. Lastly, but certainly not least of all, it gives you credibility.

Get Started

Pixel Garden Studio's Web Development Process

My development process involves asking you where your business is and where you want it to go. I then I research your industry, your competitors, and your site to give you recommendations to reach those goals. Below is that process:

Initial Free Consultation

We'll coordinate a time and place to meet in person. There we will discuss your business and future goals in greater detail.

Then I will conduct a full audit of your website while looking into your industry, competition and developing a marketing plan around your goals.

Once I've completed my research, I will send you a project proposal along with a written estimate and a web development agreement. Once the agreement is signed and the initial investment received I will begin developing concepts for your website.

Website Design

I will begin to develop concepts for your custom website. These will be visual rough drafts of how your site will look and operate when completed. Most times these are graphical layouts of one or more pages of the website with notes on anything that isn't clear or easily conveyed in a static image.

Content Assembly

While I'm developing concepts for Internet presence it will give you time to collect any text, images, video or other items you would like included on your website.

If you do not have the time or inclination to provide the text for the pages yourself, I can connect you with wonderful writers, graphic designers and photographers in my professional network to assist you.

When I have in my possession all the materials to be included in your website I will go over them to make sure they align with the objectives laid out for your website.

Website Development

As final written approval of the concept for your custom website is received, I will start building the website, incorporating the content you provided.

During this phase, I will set up a private location on the web for you to interact with your website during development. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback every step of the way.

Pre-launch Evaluation

As construction of your custom website is completed, you will have the opportunity to interact with the site as a whole, making sure we have met all your marketing goals. This is the time to submit any desired changes and give final approval before the site is published for the world to see.

Website Launch

After final approval, your website will be published on your domain, and it will be live and available for all visitors to see.

Post Launch

I will submit an initial sitemap to Google and Bing as well as updated sitemaps at an interval that corresponds to how often your website is updated.

I will also add Google Analytics tracking so we can monitor the success of your goals more effectively and adjust them if need be. If your website is benefiting from ongoing maintenance we will go over the data at an interval determined in our initial consultation.