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Content Management

I've been actively developing Pixel Works, a content management system for my clients since 2003 when I was tasked with delivering a website for the band Boxkar. They wanted to add news and calendar dates without my assistance.

At the time I didn't know any programming having been doing hand coded HTML since 1998. I learned enough ColdFusion (it is a tag based language similar to HTML) and had a working prototype in a couple of weeks.

Over a period of years the system has evolved into a robust publishing platform. It's now written in PHP but my major focus from the beginning has stayed the same. To create a platform that is easy to use for people that aren't overly techie.

Ease of Use

Managing your website does not need to be complicated. Pixel Works was designed so business owners can spend more time on their business than learning a new system just to keep it up to date.

Everything is right at your fingertips and adding a new page or blog entry is very intuitive and easy to follow.


The basic core comes with enough to build a great website on it's own, but you can add to its functionality with modules to enhance the viewers experience.

Modules Currently available


Visitors have the option to leave a text and star review of your business. You control whether reviews need to be reviewed before posting on the site.

Photo Gallery

Perfect to display a page of images for events, tours of your business, or just anything you'd like to share with visitors. 


I have two different versions of this calendar. One is for events that happen elsewhere (like bands visiting venues), and another one for places where events happen at your establishment.

Store with PayPal Standard Checkout

A simple store to add and sell physical products.

Made For Search and Sharing

Pixel Works gives you the opportunity to optimize your site for better search engine rankings by allowing you to modify your page title and meta description tags for each page.

Sharing your site is easy with human friendly URLs and duplicate content is not likely because of a special code (canonical tag) in the page code that notifies search engines which pages to index.
If you're sharing your site content on social media there are special meta tags (Open Graph) embedded in your pages that those networks look for when they create the snippet in your news feed.

Works on any device

Mobile browsing is on the rise and it's important that your visitors have the same ease of use on their smart phone as their desktop PC.

Earlier this year I rewrote much of the code and created a grid system to make Pixel Works automatically adapt its layout to the device it's being viewed on. That means no pinching and zooming when you're on your smart phone or tablet.