Pixel Garden Studio LLC

Providing results driven custom web experiences for 20 years.


Every project starts out as a clean slate to reflect its unique needs. As we discover together the goals for your website we create a custom solution to meet your needs.


With a design and your goals in place we begin to hand craft your website line by line as it should be. If you prefer to update your site by yourself we can still do that too without a bloated CMS.


Your website is published and live for the world to see. Now what? We'll help you learn how to promote your business online or do it for you if you prefer.

About Us

Pixel Garden Studio LLC is a Green Bay, WI based studio offering custom website design and development, content management solutions, and marketing services to create, maintain and promote your website locally or abroad. We've been here since 2001 and many of those clients are still with us today. Our philosophy is to keep things simple while delivering above our client's expectations. 

Some of Our Work

We Blog... Occasionally


How The Coronavirus Has Affected Pixel Garden Studio

Well, quite a bit has changed since my last post hasn't it? At the time of this writing, the Coronavirus has taken over the world and most of the country is under a stay at home order. All non-essential workers have been sent home. Luckily for me, I can work at home rather easily.


My Website Optimization Journey - Part 3 - Speed

Welcome to another exciting edition of “Making My Website Suck Less”. Since I started this journey to re-align my goals and bring my website back from the depths I had gone from beyond page 11 when searching for “web design” green bay wi” to somewhere around page 6 depending on the day and time.