Pixel Garden Studio LLC


My name is Jeff Sanders. I'm a Web developer, father, artist and writer from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Pixel Garden Studio is where I make the Internet better.

Website Development

Pixel Garden Studio develops visually impressive high quality custom websites specifically tailored to your marketing goals.

I use web coding best practices and standards to make sure your website works on all modern browsers and internet devices.

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Content Management

Managing your own website does not need to be an intimidating endeavor.

Pixel Works is a content management system designed from the ground up for people that are not versed in web coding. If you are familiar with a word processor you should have no trouble maintaining your own website with ease.

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Latest Articles

Basic Website Setup For Pixel Works CMS

I have been thinking about writing a document for Pixel Works for a long time but never had the time or honestly the inclination to do it. Because of this, there may be a few of my clients out there who don't know the full capabilities of their websites.

That ends today! In this video, I go through a run-through of the basic settings to set up the site for the first time. Enjoy.

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My Website Optimization Journey - Part 3 - Speed


Welcome to another exciting edition of “Making My Website Suck Less”. Since I started this journey to re-align my goals and bring my website back from the depths I had gone from beyond page 11 when searching for “web design” green bay wi” to somewhere around page 6 depending on the day and time.

Honestly, it's hard to know if my efforts are the reason for the improvement or the constant updates and changes these past weeks. I can tell you that before my second child was born, and before I neglected my website in favor of client projects and raising my children that generally, I would show up on the 2nd or 3rd page for the same search phrase. So regardless of how I got here I still have some work to do.